Welcome to my page about all things computing.*

(*that interest me and that I find the time to post here.)

Turbo On

In 1988, I had an IBM XT clone.  Since that time, I’ve written, played and experimented on many different computers.

XT clone (the red button on the front is the Turbo!)



My first computer program was written in QBasic.  It printed “A” to the screen repeatedly until you quit the program rebooted.  Since then, I’ve written lots of code, in lots of languages, to do lots of things.  A short list of languages that I’ve used (in order of frequency) are:

  • C++my “favorite” language
  • Cfor embedded programs
  • Matlabfor solving engineering problems
  • VBA – for Windows scripting
  • Javafor fun and profit
  • Ruby – for riding the Rails
  • Perl – for cgi scripting
  • Python – just for fun
  • JavaScript – i haz your browser?
  • FORTRANfirst programming course
  • Haskell – took a class, learned how to be lazy at a post-graduate level

What about now?

Currently I write embedded software using C, with Windows.

In my spare time, I enjoy using a Mac Mini similar to the one shown below:

The specs for my model are fairly underwhelming by today’s (2010) standards:  1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 with 1 GB DRR RAM.  It makes a good web browser and Pandora music player.

I’ve also have a MacBook Pro that I enjoy using.