Korg padKONTROL Review

Hello World,

This is a review of the Korg padKONTROL.

What it is

The padKONTROL is a MIDI studio controller.  It has 16 assignable pads arranged in a 4×4 grid.  It also has a X-Y pad for controlling effects such as Roll and Flam.

The Good

The padKONTROL is intuitive, stylish and the touch pads have a nice solid feel.  The KORG USB-MIDI driver and padKONTROL Editor Librarian is available from Korg.  Both were easy to setup on a Mac (haven’t tried Windows).

The unit started working immediately after connecting the padKONTROL to the computer via the USB cable.  I started Garage Band to test the padKONTROL, and it worked successful to play any of the software instruments.

The Bad

My biggest complaint is the lightweight “plastic” feel to the padKONTROL.  The pads themselves seem fairly solid.  However, the knobs, and the unit as a whole feel a little flimsy.

The End