MSP430 resources

This post is a list of resources related to the MSP430 microcontroller from Texas Instruments.  If you aren’t familiar with the MSP430, here is an excerpt from the TI website:

“The MSP430 microprocessor platform of ultra-low power 16-bit RISC mixed-signal microcontrollers from TI provides the ultimate solution for a wide range of low power and portable applications.”

Probably the most interesting aspect of the MSP430 is the ultra-low power requirements, as shown in this video:

MSP430 Low Power Demo using Grapes as a Power Source

Here are some useful links to resources from Texas Instruments site:

Here are some other useful links from various sources:

An easy way to get started with the MSP430 is the MSP430 LaunchPad.  The Launchpad is an inexpensive (<$5US), easy way to get started programming with the MSP430.  Here are some useful links related to the MSP430 LaunchPad.

Texas Instruments also sells the EZ430-Chronos

“… a highly integrated, wearable wireless development system that comes in a sports watch. It may be used as a reference platform for watch systems, a personal display for personal area networks, as a wireless sensor node for remote data collection, or simply as a watch.”

The Chronos is an interesting, easy to use development platform with a number of sensors including an accelerometer and a pressure sensor (interestingly, the SCP100o is considered obsolete).  Here are some resources or the EZ430-Chronos:

The MSP430 can be programmed with C or C++ using:

  • Code Composer Studio
  • IAR Workbench
  • mspgcc

The Code Composer Studio IDE is based on Eclipse.

A serial interface driver is here:

Commercial resources for MSP430 for Mac are limited.  However there is an good tutorial here on How to Install the MSP430 toolchain under Mac OS X.  Note, I could never get mspgcc4 to build correctly on Mac OS X 10.7.2.  I had better luck with the MSP430 Launchpad toolchain for Mac OS X.  There is also the MSPDebug project for debugging support with Mac OS X.